Monday, December 06, 2004


(note: this was written a few month ago, and is even more poorely edited than my other stuff. I am sorry you are reading it)

This one was worth the wait. (Side note: apparently I was not the only one waiting for it. I went to Blockbuster 3 times to pick it up and there were no copies left. I assume Blockbuster anticipated the initial spike in demand, because the movie was not "guaranteed in stock" as many other new releases are. They probably figured that the due to the "spiky" nature of demand here they will be stuck with a bunch of unrentable copies in the end. This makes sense except for the fact that this movie is bound to become a cult classic and people will want to buy copies to own. But I will let their actuaries do their job. Anyway, the point I was getting at was that I HAD to download the movie ILLEGALLY just to watch in when it came out. (I did rent a copy the following week, which I usually do since I want studios to make more good ones. Besides the quality was much better for the second viewing.). This is a hint to the studios (anyone listening?) about electronic distribution solving at least the demand vs. physical copy mismatch. Also I actually signed up for CinemaNow a while ago, but it appears that CinemaNow and Movielink are getting the shrift here, because the movie is not available electronically when the demand is the highest. It is available on CinemaNow sometime in September, but if you haven't watched it by then you are not really KILL BILL material.). Anyway, back to the movie. If you saw KILL BILL part 1 you only saw half the movie, and probably a the wrong half. Steven King suggested multiple times in EW that this is not 'great cinema', making comparisons to "Mystic River" (which he thought was great. I did too). I seriously wonder if he regrets saying that after seeing part 2. This movie goes back and puts an incredible amount of emotions (plural, as there is much more than revenge here) into the storyline. (don't worry, the action sequences are still awesome). And the cinematography and acting is incredible.
(for those who don't mind me spoiling it: the scene-before-last can qualify as one of the most powerful movie scenes of all time IMO. And here is the (un)real QT twist: the fight scene that ends with BILL being killed is actually a very romantic scene - and we owe that to the "Pai Mei five point exploding heart technique". This technique, when used on an opponent allegedly guarantees a sure death from a "hear explosion" once the opponent takes a few steps (5 or 8 IIRC). This incredible Kung-Fu move (by QT) allows us to see the relationship between Bea and BILL in it's pure raw form: you actually see how much they love each other because there is no other considerations in play - BILL will is effectively dead (but still alive and talking untill he takes the few fateful steps), which frees both him an and Bea his twisted path and allows a sort of greatness to come out. And the name: "exploding heart" technique - can this really be a coincidence? Wow, totally ingenious. The next scene of Bea just crying her heart out is a good reinforcement.)
See Kill Bill 2. QED.


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