Monday, January 24, 2005

goolge this, BG!

Well, whatever you think of the google browser rumors, I think it is good for those who do not want MS to take over the entire world to join forces. I only wish Apple got more on board and put itself behind Firefox, the way Google is doing. Not to say Safari ain't cool; I just think they should add their improvements via Firefox codebase. This will keep MS busy while Apple is biting (pun intended) into the PC market share.
I venture to say that if there is emotional weakness at MS it is about market share. Where other companies would occasionally find it smart to yield to a competitor in a specific area and consolidate their strengths I think MS would feel hurt both in terms of public perception and because of their leveraging strategies, where everything is *also* a means for something else. So yeah, hitting them hard in the browser area should do some damage.


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