Friday, April 29, 2005

it's here

The steaks just got raised. Apple, your move.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

instant fan, thanks to file sharing

I occasionally indulge in some file sharing. My primary goal is usually to get electornic copies of books I own, which makes them much easier to reference. But occasionally I download movies on a whim or if I want to see something early. My moral rule is that if I really enjoy the show I end up buying or renting it when it's available, depending on how much I liked it. Right now I have an all-you-can eat two-discs-at-a-time account with Blockbuster, so I am not quite sure if my rental money gets distributed to the movies I rent in proportion, but I am sure some relation is there.
Anyways, here is a somewhat typical experience that whoever thinks about movie downloads should consider. But primarily it is a review for Battlestar Galactica miniseries DVD.
I heard of the show from NPR interview. I didn't get much of a hook from that, as I only got the tail end of the interview, but the name and the fact of a very strong fan base stuck. So while I was looking for something else on isohunt, I saw the torrent Galactica and clicked it. Now here is a key point: I thought this was a movie (and was even wondering when it was in theaters). Ok, I finally got to start it on the train this morning. With the minor glitch that the beginning of the 'movie' had a few racy scenes (no human gets naked. ok, no robot gets naked either, sorry :) which could be embarassing on a crowded LIRR train, the experience was TOTALLY CAPTIVATING. I finished the movie tonight. As I do not want to spoil this for anyone (hint: click the link above), here is a one sentece summary:

Deep, fascinating exploration human character facing its own possibly mistaken creation, which is complemented, not overpowered by the awesome special effects.

It's a run-on, but I tried my best :).
One of the big bonuses of watching the show as a movie (I did not realize this is a miniseries untill I looked it up to buy) was that I thought the transitions between scenes were extremely suspenseful and poignant. Also the number of subplots was staggering. Once I realized this is a mini I was almost a bit disappointed, as these things that made the movie so special seemed just a detail of doing a mini. But on the second thought I realized that the show was shot as a movie with mini in mind, not like some other shows that are shot as episodes and then pasted together. Goodbye, Star Trek. Orphaned fans, I think you just found a new home.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I think the part of the job garbagemen hate the most is that it is so demeaning. After all, you are being paid to touch, smell, think about people's stinky garbage. Have you ever heard of a superhero with a 'garbagemen' secret identity? Photographers, reporters, retired .com-ers in bat costumes, yes. Garbagemen - NO! This explains why they like so much to make a mess on your lawn, 'accidentally' dropping garbage all over the place, throwing your cans/lids onto the street, forgetting to pick something up on time etc. Now they got you touching you smelly garbage, haha!