Thursday, April 21, 2005

instant fan, thanks to file sharing

I occasionally indulge in some file sharing. My primary goal is usually to get electornic copies of books I own, which makes them much easier to reference. But occasionally I download movies on a whim or if I want to see something early. My moral rule is that if I really enjoy the show I end up buying or renting it when it's available, depending on how much I liked it. Right now I have an all-you-can eat two-discs-at-a-time account with Blockbuster, so I am not quite sure if my rental money gets distributed to the movies I rent in proportion, but I am sure some relation is there.
Anyways, here is a somewhat typical experience that whoever thinks about movie downloads should consider. But primarily it is a review for Battlestar Galactica miniseries DVD.
I heard of the show from NPR interview. I didn't get much of a hook from that, as I only got the tail end of the interview, but the name and the fact of a very strong fan base stuck. So while I was looking for something else on isohunt, I saw the torrent Galactica and clicked it. Now here is a key point: I thought this was a movie (and was even wondering when it was in theaters). Ok, I finally got to start it on the train this morning. With the minor glitch that the beginning of the 'movie' had a few racy scenes (no human gets naked. ok, no robot gets naked either, sorry :) which could be embarassing on a crowded LIRR train, the experience was TOTALLY CAPTIVATING. I finished the movie tonight. As I do not want to spoil this for anyone (hint: click the link above), here is a one sentece summary:

Deep, fascinating exploration human character facing its own possibly mistaken creation, which is complemented, not overpowered by the awesome special effects.

It's a run-on, but I tried my best :).
One of the big bonuses of watching the show as a movie (I did not realize this is a miniseries untill I looked it up to buy) was that I thought the transitions between scenes were extremely suspenseful and poignant. Also the number of subplots was staggering. Once I realized this is a mini I was almost a bit disappointed, as these things that made the movie so special seemed just a detail of doing a mini. But on the second thought I realized that the show was shot as a movie with mini in mind, not like some other shows that are shot as episodes and then pasted together. Goodbye, Star Trek. Orphaned fans, I think you just found a new home.


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